Hand lettering and particularly brush lettering, is such a trend at the moment (and has been for a little while now) that I am really glad I started paying attention and spent a little time learning and practicing this skill over the past few months.

Below are some of the practice pages and pieces of mine that included lettering.

The first images are some of my very first brush lettering practice pieces I did while participating in a Skillshare workshop. These were made using a paintbrush and ink. I also experimented with brush pens, working with varying pressure, as well as fine tip pens and markers. The lettering can then be scanned and vectorised to be able to manipulate it in illustrator and Photoshop, refine, change colours, etc.




Then last month I was really excited to find we were doing brush lettering at the Etsy Craft Party; and got  some more tips and practice.



And of course, since signing up for MATS Bootcamp earlier this year, we have continually been encouraged to practice hand lettering. Below is my hand lettering experimentation for the July Mini assignment as well as my final notebook cover assignment which utilizes the lettering from the mini.



I am really looking forward to using more of my own hand lettering in my designs and illustrations going forward. I think it adds a special quality and warmth to an image that you can’t easily achieve with pre-made fonts, and of course, it is very “on-trend”.


Please feel free to get in touch if hand lettering is something you can see working well for one of your projects, products, or designs. I would love to be involved.


Hand Lettering
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  • July 29, 2016 at 7:53 pm

    Wow, you are so talented. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.


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