Our June assignment for MATS bootcamp was to create a vicuña themed page for a children’s book, focusing on showing various poses and expression for a character, and could include related items.

Below are some of my initial “mini” sketches exploring and getting to know the physical characteristics of vicuñas. I had never even heard of them, let alone seen any, before this assignment so it was quite interesting doing the research.


I then took my pen and watercolour drawing into Photoshop and developed a character using one of the sketches as a base.


Once I had an idea of who my character was, I sketched him in some different poses and tried out some facial expressions.


Coloured, added some background/context… and this was my final character submission:

Children's book character development

To see everyone else’s work – you can view the full gallery of submissions here.

Children’s book character development for MATS Bootcamp 2016

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