This is a little list of websites and resources that I personally use on a day-to-day basis and highly recommend for business and/or personal use. Try them out and see if any of them work for you.


Freshbooks for easy and professional accounting/invoicing and time tracking. This one really changed my life. for buying books and gadgets on-line. They often have books you can’t find anywhere else, and their prices are really good, and delivery service is excellent.

Workflowy is a fantastic, minimalist ‘To Do list’ tool. I don’t go a day without using it.

HabitForge Apparently it takes 21 days to form a new habit or change an old one. HabitForge keeps track of your progress, logging your daily successes and keeping your habits on track. Worked for me. And it’s kind of fun too.

Digital Gallery is a great new platform for photographers and artists to sell prints of their work through. The commission structure is better than you’ll get anywhere – you set your own price, and it allows the buyer a great choice of sizes and print mediums. The print quality and delivery service are really good. Have a browse if you’re looking for prints for your home or office. There is some great wildlife photography on there at the moment, and some of my own artworks too. 🙂

PrintWild for canvas printing, large photo printing, mounted prints, framing, etc. They have a cool new product called Faceblocks  for printing small blocks and creating a feature wall of you Facebook/Instagram pics. Really affordable. And they deliver to your door!

What online tools do you like to use?

Sites and Tools for Business and Pleasure

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