Etsy Craft Party

“A global celebration of meeting and making.”

The Etsy Craft Party happens once a year, all over the world, and lucky for us, the South African edition happens on our doorstep, in good old Durban!

Organised by the brilliant Nadia van der Mescht at the the quirky and cool Anthology in Windermere Centre, I got my hands on a ticket and headed off to see what it was all about.

It was so much fun to get to meet so many creative souls, learn a new skill, and walk away with hordes of amazing stationery and edible goodies. (No more wrapping presents with duct tape!).

We made little paper terrariums, with guidance and inspiration from Freshly Found, and I was the recipient of an amazing gift box from Elephant Shoe. This, on top of the hamper bag of fabulous things that each guest received, filled to the brim with hand crafted bits and bobs from local creatives. It just blows my mind how much talent and creativity we have in SA and right here, in Durban. For me, the showstopper of the evening was, without a doubt, the crazy, pink and blue cake by Jordyn Burne of Hello Duffymoon.

Thanks must go to Nadia van der Mescht for making it possible for us to take part in the global phenomenon that is the annual Etsy Craft Party. Looking forward to next year!!


Goodies from the Etsy Craft Party Durban

2015 Etsy Craft Party Durban

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