This website has been on my to-do list for a very, very long time. Any freelancer will be able to relate: personal projects always come second to client work, if they ever get done at all! 

Those that know me, will know I was an artist long before I got into graphic design and web development. I still paint and exhibit (although not nearly as regularly as I used to) and I used to have a website up  at which displayed my art portfolio. I took it down nearly 3 years ago with the intention of building a new one, as it was really outdated, showed half design work, half personal work, and was not really representing my brand very well. Fast forward to 2015, and my need for my personal portfolio website became quite dire. I had been collecting all these great, creative, artsy design ideas for ages, but there just hasn’t been enough free time in my schedule to make something amazing. I finally conceded that if I wait until I have time, well… it could be another few years before I get to it! So I found a lovely, simple and clean WordPress theme that didn’t require too much customisation, put up a few portfolio pieces to get the site started and ta-da! I finally have a website for my art again. ?

The simplicity of the site is kind of nice and growing on me more and more, so I’m happy to stick with it for now. I will be adding new work as I go, and possibly updating with some of my older work too. Pop on over and take a look:

If you want to know about new paintings or drawings, please follow me on Instagram or Facebook as I’ll be using those channels a lot more frequently in the coming months.

My art portfolio website is finally up!

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