A few months ago I signed up for an illustration boot-camp run by Make Art That Sells . It’s basically a five month class with one “mini” and one “main” assignment every month. The “minis” are preparation/introductions to the theme from which the main assignment will draw inspiration. The main assignment is a product mock-up of some sort.

I had been wanting to do more personal work this year as well as explore potential product lines for future development, so this class came along at just the right time!

Here are my works so far:


“Mini” theme: 1920’s hairstyles


Main assignment: A colouring book cover


View the March class gallery


“Mini” theme: Lumberjack and associated imagery

insta 1insta 2


Main assignment: A holiday ornament


View the April class gallery


“Mini” theme: Medieval signs and symbols

I missed this week completely as my work schedule was hectic and I wasn’t feeling too inspired by the medieval theme. As a result of not being constrained by the theme, in my main assignment I went for an “Afro-chic” vibe, something with a bit more South African context.
(Side note: MATS Bootcamp emphasises that you must always do work that is authentic to you and your individual style, and that you are free to interpret the assignments in any way you choose.)

Main assignment: A tarot card design


View the May class gallery

I’m very curious to know what our June and July assignments will be!


Update: Blog post on my June submission here.

MATS Illustration Bootcamp 2016
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