Something I do quite a lot of these days is tweak the designs of websites which already exist. Most of the requests I get are for WordPress sites that require small changes or some minor customisation just to make them look a little nicer. Below are some of the reasons one would need this:


1. The previous developer you hired did a shoddy job.

In a lot of cases, the site has been set up by someone who did not have either the design skills or the CSS/Wordpress knowledge to improve the look of an out the box install to the client’s liking. Or maybe they just don’t care enough. I hear a lot of “… my previous developer… blah blah blah” which makes me wonder who these developers are and why they do such a shoddy job in the first place. There are some simple, basic things which, really, they have no excuse for not doing. Also, a client does not always know what to ask for. I kind of feel, that us as developers and web designers have the responsibility to enlighten clients as to the options, plugins and features which are available to them, and how these can help their websites succeed. Then the client can make an informed decision. But I digress. Back to the design.

2. You set the site up yourself and don’t know how to change some things.

In some cases, it is the client themselves who have bravely set up their own WordPress site, and I take my hat off to them. It can be daunting once you start to want to change and add things, and some things simply cannot be done by an amateur in the end. There is a lot to be said for hiring a professional even if just to refine things for you once you have the basics in place.

3. Your site design is outdated.

In other cases, a site design is just outdated and need to be revamped a little. Technology and trends change so quickly that it is recommended that websites be updated every two years to avoid looking old or stagnant.

4. Your blog does not match your main website.

This usually happens when the blog is set up separately from the main website. It then needs to be styled to seamlessly blend with the layout of the main site… headers, backgrounds and menus need to be customised to looked exactly like the main website’s so that users feel a sense of continuity and your branding is reinforced (do I need to stress the importance of brand consistency?).


Below are two examples of what I am talking about. WordPress sites that  I have tweaked for international clients this month:

New York Bartending School BEFORE:


New York Bartending School AFTER:


There were only small changes required but the blog design is now consistent with the main website and there is the added functionality of a thumbnail image next t the post on the blog home page, as well as social sharing buttons at the bottom of every post.


GoBeautyConnection BEFORE:



GoBeautyConnection AFTER:


There were a lot more changes required on this site to make it more visually appealing and modern, but the basics were already in place.


Get in touch if you need any work done on your existing site. 🙂




WordPress Website Tweaking: Before and After

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